Villeroy & Boch BBQ Passion

The products of the BBQ Passion range from Villeroy & Boch form a complete range of barbecue plates and accessories in the perfect combination of taste and style. The designs in classic white porcelain and grained wood to give a rustic feel are ideally suited to your summer barbecues! The collection includes classic steak plates in three sizes which included practical recesses for sauces, dips or side dishes as well as two serving plates with special notches for kebab skewers and drainage canals for particularly fine delicacies! The premium quality porcelain helps meat and fish retain their heat and moisture for longer! We also have antipasti and dessert plates as well as a handy a carefully designed sausage plate - ideal for garden barbecues. You can serve the spices and sauces which are so essential for a proper barbecue elegantly and stylishly in the correct dip and spice dishes on the tiered serving stand. You also cannot have a proper barbecue feast without burgers and kebabs containing both meat and vegetables. You can serve these delicacies on our specially designed burger and kebab plates with compartments to keep the various sauces separate from the meat and grilled vegetables until you are ready to eat!

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