History of Vantona

History of Vantona

The history of Vantona reaches back as far as 1780 and the start of the industrial revolution, when the cotton towns of Lancashire were at the forefront of worldwide textile production and the mills of Bolton were producing various types of quilts and counterpanes. In 1929 six of the original surviving manufacturers amalgamated to form Vantona, enabling a fine textile tradition to be born, and the company has been firmly embedded in the household textile market ever since.

The early product range centred on the production of woven quilts, bedcovers, blankets, towels, sheets, ticking and down quilts. Further, the objectives of the company were to build a vertically integrated group to spin, weave, process, make up and distribute this wide range of household textiles.

Vantona grew through this period, managing to survive the Indian boycott of British cotton which devastated the mills of Lancashire by supplying textiles to the armed forces during the Second World War. After the war, the company supplied leading household textile stores and had a very successful hospitality business supplying steam ship companies, hotels and hospitals.

However, throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s the Lancashire textile industry was in decline with a working cotton mill closing virtually every week, including Dove Mill in Bolton. Nevertheless Vantona was now a globally recognised brand, exporting to countries across the world and in 1975, and as a result of a growing trend for quilt covers and sheets, it followed sister company Dorma and launched “Dreamworld” which was a range of 70’s style florals and geometrics in key colours of the time. The trade and manufacture of bed linen was a huge success and formed the backbone of the company for many years.

It is fair to say that Vantona has seen the rise and demise of the British textile industry, adapting and re-inventing itself along the way. Today, Vantona is at the forefront of home furnishing trends in an era which sees a global interest, once again, in Great British products.

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