Living Wage Employer

Living Wage Employer

Here at Dove Mill we are proudly committed to paying all of our directly employed team members the Living Wage promoted by the Living Wage Foundation. Although we are not members of the Living Wage Foundation, we share their commitment to ensuring that people can provide for themselves and their families, without having to rely on secondary sources of income.

In the North, where we are based, the voluntary Living Wage for over 18 year olds is £9.00 per hour. This is different to the ‘National Living Wage’ which is set at a rate of £7.83 per hour. The National Living Wage is calculated based on median earnings and only applies to people over 25, whereas the Living Wage is calculated based on the costs of living and applies from the age of 18.

We feel that paying the Living Wage is primarily fair to our employees, good for business and society as a whole. Therefore, we are committed to updating the hourly rate annually to ensure that we continue to pay our employees fairly.

Updated - 8th November 2018

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